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Sunday Lunch – Cajun Blackened Steaks With Potato Salad

I am persevering with the planned BBQ season Sunday Lunch blog in spite of the continuing inclement weather here in Blighty, for those seasoned British BBQ’ers here’s a favour packed recipe using steak rubbed with Cajun spices. To my mind there is only one way to get the best...

Sunday Lunch – BBQ’d Coca-Cola Coated Ribs

We’ve had a couple of good days here in ‘Blighty’ weather-wise, I’ve witnessed men folk wearing the traditional shorts, socks and sandals combo and everyone has taken on a rather interesting pinkish hue. This can mean only one thing, I daren’t say it, so i’ll whisper it then it’s...

Sizzling Lemon and Garlic Spatchcock Chicken

This weekend gone in dear old Blighty we’ve seen a taste of perfect weather days with warm sunshine and crystal clear blue skies. As I drove back from our house on Sunday afternoon, I could smell the delicious smell of BBQ wafting enticingly  around in the air. I started...

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