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Welcome to the Lover of Creating Flavours, a destination for foodies. Launched in September 2012 LOCF aims to produce fuss-free information to tantalise the taste buds and ignite people’s passion for food. Every day we deliver original or classic recipes with a twist either from our own notebooks or from our fantastic contributors or guest bloggers. We deliver expert information from people at the sharp end of the food business, farmers, small business or Chefs. All of us united in our desire to deliver the best in food and drink.


Monthly hits  – 747,996

Monthly Unique visits – 318, 567

Alexa Stats

  • UK rank  141, 381
  • World Rank 1,858,655

Social Media 

Twitter followers 7235

Instagram followers1097

Facebook likes 5061

Pinterest followers425

Google Plus 1226

Moz Rank  4

Over the past 2 years Lover of Creating Flavours has evolved and it will continue to do so to reflect the interests of our readers. We are delighted by the feedback already received and openly welcome comments and emails from our readers. We have always got new sections in the pipeline and the ideas continue to evolve with each day and we are always happy to listen to your thoughts and ideas for new features so  for further information or to send guest posts or recipes for consideration please email us at

Guest Blogs 

We are always looking for creative and original content from the industry or from our readers and welcome guest blogs and are happy to receive them via email . Below is some basic house keeping.

  • Blog length between 500-1000 words
  • Content should not include anything of a racist, homophobic, sexist or of an explicit nature, all blogs are read on submission and will be immediately declined if they are found to contain any of the above
  • Please attach pictures you would like published with your post.
  • Please send up to 20 key words for SEO purposes. These will be added to your specific requirements.
  • If you are promoting anything specific please give the relevant links so that they can be flagged during my introduction. Links will automatically be given to your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, so that your guest blog drives traffic to where you wish it to go.
  • Your blog will be marketed through our Twitter, Facebook and food related blog accounts. Your blog will be promoted at least  4 times on the day of publication and at key times throughout a 24 hour period to capture the worldwide twitter audience. Your blog will then join the archive blog and be randomly published over a period of one year.


  • Start up/ small business/ Crystal Palace Food Market Stall Holder FOC
  • Corporate £500
We accept advertising on this blog although space is very limited. Advertisements are published on the right hand side, side bar and are available in the following sizes.
Advertising At Lover Of Creating FLavours
  • 300×208    (8)  £50.00  Per month
  • 600×208    (1)  £75.00    Per month
  • 900×208    (1)  £100.00 Per month
(We have a minimum three-month contract policy)

Product Promotions

We also accept paid advertorial from PR companies. This will be marked as promotional and will go out in addition to other blogs that day. The promotional blog will be marketed using the same channels as guest blogs.

Promotional product blog  1 day £200.00


We are happy to run competitions in collaboration with companies. We only run one competition per month. Competition content and small print must be agreed by both parties and signed off.  Each competition will run for a minimum of two weeks and will be marketed throughout by both parties. The cost for running a competition on the blog is inclusive of layout and content and includes the names of all entrants for future use and a 300X208 advertisement for the duration of the competition.

Cost  £300.00

Sponsored Posts

Prices start at £250. Please email us for further information and a list of key words now available.



We are happy to accept products for review from PR companies. We will give a totally unbiased view and will not be paid for doing so. We reserve the right  not to review a product or service. All reviews will be composed of a blog between 500 and 1000 words with pictures. We will market reviews in the same way as all of our other blogs are marketed and make sure that the review is given greatest exposure. Please contact us via email with requests. We are also happy to do restaurant reviews and if you’ve visited somewhere you’ve think is fabulous then we’d love to hear from you about it

Photo’s – we try to use our own photographs for much of the time, however, sometimes we use stock photographs or photo’s that are either credited or linked back to the site. 



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