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Anita-Clare Field

Lover of Creating Flavours started life in the early hours of the morning on Sept 9th 2012, I had a huge external fixator bolted to my arm in a last-ditch attempt to mend the humerus I had snapped in half some two years before. I found myself unable to sleep for most of that  seven month period and so I would write about food, one of my greatest passions. The site has evolved since then and has attracted over 500k hits and 210k unique visits since and continues to grow. The team has expanded too and I couldn’t be happier to welcome my partner Caroline Ness as Co-Publisher of Lover Of Creating Flavours. Here is a bit about us both.

Anita-Clare Field is a writer, blogger, media trainer, ex-magazine publisher and passionate foodie. She was the youngest group publisher in her company and the first woman to achieve this status aged just 26 years old.

My love of food started very early and I was taught at a very young age about flavours and ingredients and not  about traditionally and methodically following recipes. We use recipes as a guide on the site but everyone has a very unique palate and what works for one person might not for another, it’s about alchemy, in it’s truest sense. I love experimenting in the kitchen and this coupled with my passion for writing and publishing high quality fuss-free information means I have the best of both worlds. It’s not like work, every day is magical

Caroline (Caro) Ness is an award-winning author, literary agent, author and trained chef. One of her clients Roald Dahl described her as the ‘best bird in the business’ she is also publishing poetry on her hugely successful blog Caro Ness Author. Like most of us Caro learnt to cook by watching her Mother.

She taught all of us a great love and respect for food and the  wisdom of trying something several times   in your life because often your palate changes as you mature. But then later i got formal training from a brilliant French chef.
Caro Ness
Caro Ness

Caro was taught to cook by Mme Russell in her converted kitchen in Wimbledon, S.W London. Mme Russell had been trained by some of the great French chefs in Paris, but her claim to fame was teaching one Diana, Princess of Wales to cook. Caro is completely passionate about ingredients too.

Why are FLAVOURS important in cooking? That’s like asking why air is important to breathing! It is everything! It is vital that the FLAVOURS of each component in a dish complement and enhance one another… Cooking with that in mind is like alchemy… It just magically forges something monumental, fantastic, unique and utterly irresistible

Over the past sixteen months Lover of Creating Flavours has evolved and it will continue to do so to reflect the interests of our readers. We are delighted by the feedback already received and openly welcome comments and emails from our readers.

The blog has some quite distinct categories now, which can be found under the features tab. These include:

  • Soupe Dragon – Delivering full-flavoured soups to keep out the cold. Some old favourites with a twist and some new ones in the pipeline.
  • Cold Comfort Classic – As the autumnal chill seeps into our bones this section of the blog aims to deliver winter warmers to stick to your ribs.
  • The Kitchen Garden – A collaboration between Lover of Creating Flavours and London Herb Garden , where LHB talk about a herb or vegetable and give expert advice on how to grow it. LCF then conjures up a recipe to go with said herb/vegetable.
  • Meat Free Monday – Keeping faithful to our original pledge to take part in Meat Free Monday, you will only find vegetarian or vegan recipes on the blog on a Monday
  • Heaven Preserve Us –  This section was so nearly called ‘ in a pickle’ and I couldn’t decide so I tossed a coin and HPU won. As its name suggests this section of the blog is about pickling, preserving and procuring ingredients for liqueurs such as Limoncello,Sloe Gin and Mulled Wine/Cider.
  • Store Cupboard – Serving up pastes and potions to use to add to other ingredients. Our Pesto and Green Thai Curry Paste have proved very popular.
  • LOCF logoBake-Off- As its name suggest this section is all about baking from cakes to pies, savoury to sweet and everything in between. Caro is the pastry chef so is definitely lead on this feature, although she is teaching me, which I am delighted about.
  • Blessed Are The Cheesemakers  – Our weekly collaboration with all Tinderflint Productions on all things cheese.
  • Take Five – We ask a selection of folk in the sharp end of the food and drinks industry five questions on life in the industry and what’s new.
  • The House Wine – Our Wine expert Gwen McCann provides commentary on the latest wines and niche wine makers.
  • Happily Ever Afters – Caro’s tour of some the best puddings in her repertoire, grab a spoon and dive in.
  • Historical Fayre – A journey through culinary history, recipes and customs.

We have always got new sections in the pipeline and the ideas continue to evolve with each day. We are always happy to listen to your thoughts an ideas for new features so  for further information or to send guest posts or recipes for consideration please email us at loverofcreatingflavours@gmail.com


photo-3-e1380008271834We are also proud to announce the release of FLAVOURS our first cookbook. Flavours is about precisely that, creating flavour and enjoying what you eat on your terms. The recipes are here to provide a guide only. Yes, in their own right they are completely delicious, but everyone has a very sophisticated palate, each one of us knows what we like, be it salty, sweet, hot or sour and before I start sounding even more like a Thai recipe, I’ll just say this – make the recipe you are most happy with.

“A fantastic addition to my collection of cookery books. The style of writing-honesty, wit, personal insights and memories mixed with an indepth knowledge of ‘what goes with what’ whilst encouraging you to experiment and enjoy makes this publication an absolute winner!!” Snr Liza

“Simply love this book. Not only is it packed with gorgeous recipes, but each is presented with either fascinating history, personal notes or stories – all contributing to a delightful collection that inspires you to head to the kitchen. If, like me, you’ve become a creature of habit and tend to prepare the same basic menu, this book will entice you out of your rut. The recipes are wonderfully hearty and the author includes loads of helpful suggestions about the tasty ingredients, including what she uses, to help you in your experimenting. You’ll find valuable notes and tips included as well, and I like that there’s ample space to jot my own notes and modifications alongside the recipes. If you’re looking for new inspiration in the kitchen, buy a copy of Flavours – you won’t be disappointed.” CF Cook

“I love to experiment with my food, always looking for inspiration from many cultures, experiences and cookbooks. Flavours offers a refreshing approach to creating food that packs flavour… encouraging you to play with the ingredients to discover taste sensations. A great new edition to my toolbox of food inspiration!” Mrs P

“Interesting, entertaining, informative with a great collection of flavoursome recipes from all over the World.This book is a joy to read and very inspiring ~ I shall be trying the Garlic Pickle and the Quick Fig Chutney very soon.” Suzy Bowler




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