Im a lover of the ‘pink stuff’ I love it for breakfast on toast or with vegetables as a dip for supper or as part of a traditional Greek Mezze. Whilst supermarket Taramasalata does the job if you need a quick fix  the real deal takes little time, does not have the artificial pink hue ( unless you use salmon roe)  and is so delicious it seems almost criminal to return to the supermarket. We were lucky enough to be sent some amazing smoked cods roe by The Fish Society so that I could make on of my favourite dishes.

In Greece, taramasalata is associated with Clean Monday, the first day of Great Lent In the Greek Orthodox Church and the first time I saw it made it Was the traditional way using a mortar and pestle. My cousin’s wife Maria was Greek and her repertoire of Gree dishes Mouth-watering, but her Taramasalata? That was a thing of beauty. Silken with a subtle grainy texture and rich, bursting with flavours. I watched with great fascination as a child and later in my teens at this spectacle which started with the softening the bread with water, pounding the roe with the grated  onions and then the  bringing it all together with oil and lemon juice. Sheer bliss and if I stayed I had it for breakfast, lunch and supper !

These days technology means we don’t have to spend hours slaving over a mortar and pestle we can use our food processor but beware! Is you blend too fast then you’re likely to end up with slop. The key is to pulse it, so that you can control the texture. Another lesson learned over the years is is to make sure all the excess water is gone from the bread, even the slightest bit will result in yet more slop. Also you’ll see more red onion in this recipe. I just love that additional layer of flavour, however, if that’s not your thing just reign it back or omit it altogether.



  • 300g of stale white Bread
  • Enough water to cover the bread
  • 100g Cods Roe ( We used smoked for extra flavour)
  • Juice of 2 lemons, plus a pinch of fresh zest
  • 2 red onions grated ( optional)
  • 175ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Season to taste


Soak the bread in water for 10 minutes. Whilst the bread is soaking, grate the onions and break up the cods roe. Once the bread is soaked sufficiently, squeeze out the excess water and add to a food processor together with the roe, lemon juice, onion and any seasoning. Begin to pulse, as you continue to pulse start to add the olive oil in a steady stream and continue to pulse until you have consistency you want. Remove from the food processor into a bowl and serve with pitta bread and assortment of vegetables.


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