BOOK REVIEW – The Kitchen Science Cookbook, Dr. Michelle Dickinson

BOOK REVIEW – The Kitchen Science Cookbook, Dr. Michelle Dickinson

As a child, I very quickly came to the conclusion that I was not cut out for anything vaguely scientific. Experiments, instead of being a bit of light-hearted fun, invariably turned into something incendiary, but never intentionally.

So it was with great excitement that we agreed to review this book because the author specialises in roadshows in her native New Zealand demonstrating how much fun can be had  by parents, children or whole families doing simple experiments together.

Even the most unscientific of readers, like myself cannot fail to be charmed by this brilliant and engaging scientist, who makes it her mission ro educate and inspire us.  Dr Michelle Dickinson has written a cookbook with an extraordinary twist in that every one of the 50 recipes is actually also a science experiment that can be done at home using ingredients that are found in every home. Just think! How cool would it be if the topic of conversation around your dining room table was the experiment you had just completed with your child and which you are now eating?!

Amongst other things, you will learn how to make a solar oven from cardboard and foil that can actually bake, how to make bread in a bag, butter in a jam jar, and cheese in the microwave, colour changing noodles, instant ice cream and sweets in the form of crystals.

Michelle has made the science bit as fun as the results. The book actually makes you think about how changing some of the methods might change the outcome.

What a great book for parent and children to learn together, fun, educational and something to show for each experiment.

The Kitchen Science Cookbook is out now and available at many reputable bookstores including Foyles

Here’s Dr. Michelle Dickinson talking about The Kitchen Science Cook Book.

Michelle (winner Association of Scientists Science Communicators Award) has made it her life mission to make science and engineering fun, interesting and accessible. Her not for profit company Nano Girl Labs  works to inspire, educate and empower girls across the World.
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