Devon’s Best – Hogs Pudding

Devon’s Best – Hogs Pudding

Seventeen months ago, Anita-Clare and I decided to  leave the hustle and bustle of London for the peace and beauty of the West Country. Consequently, we packed up our belongings and our menagerie of beloved pets and made for Witheridge in North Devon and we opened our restaurant La Petite Bouchée in May 2017.

Devon’s Best

We have been totally awestruck by the variety of produce available to us in Devon’s bulging larder. We’ve done a full year of seasonal produce now and the quality and availability inside the larder never falters.

Starting this month we’re going to be running a short series of blogs on Devon’s Best, peering into that extraordinary larder and showcasing the very best our wonderful county has to offer ( see later how you can get involved)

Today we’re showcasing that rather fat sausage made in Devon that resembles white pudding. Yes, one of the counties most famous products, Hogs Pudding. No respectable Devon breakfast is complete without one !

Hogs Puddings are between 2 inches or 5 cm in diameter and are most like white pudding because they contain grains including oatmeal or pearl barley as well as pork meat and fat. Sometimes they are also known as groats pudding in deference to the fact that there are groats or grains of some kind included in the ingredients.

However, on the flip side, hogs pudding can also be made using offal, lungs and liver being particularly popular. In so many ways it would be a lot more accurate to call this version of the  product a West  Country Haggis since it is made spicy with the addition of black  pepper, cumin, garlic and  basil.

We’ve been given a delicious Hogs Pudding by our fabulous butcher Shapland and Searle based just up the road, 10 miles in away in South Molton. Like all Hogs Puddings, everyone has their own recipe, passed down to through the generations and the Shapland & Searle version is no exception. As to their recipe? Well that’s a closely guarded secret, although I can tell you that the ingredients are all very local. Local pork, oatmeal and barley and a generous sprinkle of black pepper and with a fried egg it’s delicious.

And the best way to cook it ? According to Sam, simply split the case and fry until brown and crispy. So here goes !



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