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We’re delighted to be road-testing some of the best BBQ rubs to hit the UK market this year and all on UK BBQ Week (28th May to 3rd June 2018 ). If you’re not familiar with Marcus Bawdon, then you certainly should be.

We’ve written about Marcus before, when we learned a thing or five on his inspiring BBQ course last year. It was last year Marcus spoke about his rubs and how he was on the lookout for a distributor. Well all those months down the line and low and behold the dream is now reality. Ours arrived in a delicious Marcus themed box from Veg In A Box with a selection of ready to rub meat and stunning vegetables and fruit.

We spent last weekend road testing the rubs and they’re absolutely delicious. We have a restaurant La Petite Bouchée based here in Devon and wood smoked chicken on the menu this month. The House Rub was perfect for it with many Provençal herbs included in the ingredients. It also has a zingy, slightly lemony overtone and the guests who had ordered the chicken gave it the big thumbs up. Not only do the rubs taste good but the packaging is beautiful too. Strong familiar branding, classy, easy to open pouches, so all in all the whole package.

On Bank Holiday Monday as we sizzled in the heat, we BBQ’d some Bavette steak from our local butcher with a liberal dusting of the Mocha Rub and it was absolutely stunning. The explosion of flavour in your mouth just kept going. Coffee, Chocolate, Chilli, Cumin all of which are all best mates with beef. They are the perfect partners. Marcus is a real alchemist and one of the reasons I like him so much is like me he loves to create unique flavours in his kitchen.

So what of the man himself? 

Marcus Bawdon is a very busy man, it’s summer season and Marcus is all over the country demoing the mighty Traeger pellet grills all over the country as well as dealing with the demand for his exciting new rubs. We finally caught up with him and asked him about his rubs….

Marcus, what’s the story behind these spectacular rubs? – Mocha Rub was me looking at flavours that worked well with dark beef… I wanted yo come up with something to go on short ribs especially…so I backed out some of the flavours that go in a good chilli…coffee…dark chocolate… cumin…chipotle… The house rub was just me toying with flavour combinations that would work well with most things…I wanted a bit of heat..a bit of sweet and a bit salty…I balanced out the flavours for my palate as I find a lot of US rubs too salty or sweet. I teach people on my basic class to make a version of this rub and how to balance a rubs flavour and work with the best ingredients go give the right flavour profile that works with smoke.


The rubs are another successful strand to your already growing BBQ business, CountryWoodSmoke, you built this business from scratch, how has that been? It’s been a lot of work…but I love it. I’ve tried to find ways of building a business that fit with my life and my day job in the oil industry…but it’s not always straightforward to turn your passion into a business.
Where can we all get hold of the rubs?
Direct through or through lots of retailers now in the U.K including Veg in A Box 
We loved coming to UKBBQ school – what happening this year?
Probably the same as last year… the demand has been high…but happy with one or two classes a month…for me it’s about getting the word out about how wonderful cooking outdoors can be.
So the big question is are their plans for anymore products?
Yes sauces… I hope to get a dirty baste.. a lovely mix of garlic and herbs… a bbq sauce and a special Chimichurri… exciting times.
Exciting times indeed. You can definitely put me down for a job lot of the Chimichurri, its the best i’ve ever tasted ! 
Find out more about Marcus Bawdon by visiting his website Here follow him on Twitter or join his Facebook group

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