KUROI HANNA SANTOKU – Sliced, Diced and Minced

KUROI HANNA SANTOKU – Sliced, Diced and Minced

I always get just a little bit excited to see an email from Edge of Belgravia in my inbox. This time I had every reason to be. Following their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Edge of Belgravia have just launched their pre-order page for their much coveted new knife collection Kuroi Hana. Again, designed by Christian Bird, these beautiful knives have a decorative damascene pattern on the blade and are made using Japanese Steel for extra high-hardness. We were sent the Santoku 7.5inch knife to put through its paces.

“Santoku” literally means “three virtues”. This refers to the three actions the knife was designed for. The sharp edge enables quick dicing, its air scallops allow for smooth slicing while the flat blade enables effortless mincing. I used the knife throughout service at the weekend in our restaurant La Petite Bouchée and it did not disappoint. Christian Bird has stuck with the familiar Edge of Belgravia handle design which makes handling effortless.The Santoku is slightly heavier than my other knives, but is well balanced.

We had Mussels on the menu this weekend and it made very light work of dicing the pile of shallots in front of me. In fact, it cut through them like butter. It was also perfect for slicing the tomatoes for our Provençal potatoes  and for chopping and mincing herbs and garlic for our house vinaigrette. The design is very elegant, the packaging what you would expect from a knife with this price tag.

The Santoku retails at £179.00 and it definitely worth every penny, however, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful people at Edge of Belgravia which means you can pre-order this exquisite knife for just £89.00 and then receive a further 10% discount as a Lover of Creating Flavours reader by entering the code KH10

All you need to do is head over to the Pre-Order Page HERE enter the password KS2018 and its all yours, take a look at some of the other knives too in this series, they are quite magnificent. The deadline for pre-ordering is 28th Feb so no time to waste. To whet your appetite check out this video showing the Kuroi Hana Santoku in action. 

If you want to find out more about Edge of Belgravia then visit the Website, follow them on Twitter, Instagram or  Facebook


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