Never Mind The Sunshine – Here’s Morrisons BBQ and Summer Eating Range

When I lived in Fulham 30 odd years ago, with the Brompton Cemetery and Earls Court on one side and Fulham Broadway on the other, Morrisons was my local supermarket, so I inherited a certain affection for it. Therefore we were delighted when they approached us to review their BBQ and Summer Eating range. We were sent a delicious chilled box containing: Morrisons Boneless Beef Ribs With Bourbon BBQ Sauce, The Best British Beef Pulled Brisket & Bourbon Sauce Burgers, American Style Coleslaw Kit and Sweet Potato Bake -oops and I almost forgot, a delicious bottle of Rioja to wash it down with.

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`Well in true British style the rain poured from the time we received this box last week and it’s still drizzling today. A typical British summer! This didn’t deter us and we went about producing this magnificent feast with the contents of our bag. The Boneless Beef Ribs With Bourbon BBQ sauce were delicious, rich, sticky, and melt in the mouth. Made with beef short ribs and slow-cooked for 6 hours they are easy to cook and within 30 minutes, although I am not opposed to ribs being on the bone, the fact that these are not is another bonus.


Next up,The Best British Beef Pulled Brisket & Bourbon Sauce Burgers. The pulled brisket was a little too smoky and sweet for me but that is just personal preference, however, the burgers were fabulous; deep,well-seasoned, meaty patties with a fantastic depth of flavour that indicated that the meat had been well hung prior to mincing. We had the American Style Coleslaw Kit alongside our burgers which was delicious and a cut above the normal shop-bought coleslaw. This contained butternut squash, broccoli as well as the usual suspects or carrot, cabbage, onion et al. To turn it into a glorious side all you have to do is sprinkle on the crunchy croutons and mix in the garlic flavoured dressing. In a word, yum.


Finally the Sweet Potato Bake which was very well seasoned, had the most amazing tomato sauce topped off with a great explosion of golden breadcrumbs and pumpkin seeds. A fantastic vegetarian alternative. We were so enamoured of this we went to our local store and bought another one to have with our Sunday lunch last week.

Even if summer is a flop this year, you can automatically bring sunshine to your table with Morissons new BBQ and Summer Eating range.

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