Sardinia – The Genuineness Of A Unique Gastronomical Tradition

The cuisine of Sardinia is unrivalled, due to the isolation of the island from the rest of Italy, so is interesting to know which are the typical Sardinian dishes, strongly recommended if you are planning a trip to Sardinia in the next months.

This island is a very popular destination for travellers who love crystal clear waters, stunning landscapes and well-equipped beach resorts, but is renowned also for its ancient traditions.

What to eat in Sardinia

In Italy, as you know, homemade pasta is a very savoury dish; if you wish to taste a typical Sardinian pasta dish, ask for malloreddus, a kind of “gnocchi” made from semolina, water and flavoured with saffron. The malloreddus are often cooked for special occasions such as local feasts and weddings.

Picture 1 -Malloreddus

Usually the Sardinian “gnocchi” are paired with a slow cooked ragu; it’s easy to find this kind of dish at the local restaurants and trattorias. The most important dish in Sardinian cuisine is likely the suckling pig (called “porceddu”), related to the sheepherder tradition: many local recipes, in fact, are focused on meat cookery, however if you are a vegetarian you’ll find delicious specialties such as bread, thorny artichoke, tomatoes, all the vegetables have a different taste from the other countries, so this island is worth visiting if you like high quality food. The porceddu is cooked around a large open fire with myrtle branches alongside the piglet. It takes 4-5 hours to cook this dish, for this reason the meat is very crispy and tasty.

Picture 2 - suckling pig

About desserts, Sardinian people are used to eat seadas, “ravioli” made from flour and fresh cheese (pecorino sardo), fried and dressed with honey or sugar drizzled over the top. This dessert is a must of Sardinia and reflects the simpleness of the local cuisine, defined by the triumph of opposite flavours (the sweetness of the honey versus the saltiness of the cheese).

The most popular liqueur made in Sardinia is mirto: this spirit is made from the myrtle berries (this flavour is known as Mirto rosso) or the leaves of the myrtle plant (Mirto bianco) and is served chilled as an after dinner. I definitely suggest to sip homemade mirto when you have a dinner at a restaurant, because is stronger and better than the mirto bottles available in the supermarkets.

Picture 3 - Myrtle

How to enjoy a great travel experience in Sardinia

The Sardinian cuisine is a part of the Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Italy, and so is recommended for its healthy properties.

Spend an enjoyable stay in Sardinia and taste exclusively the top local dishes is easy: I chose Delphina Hotels and Resorts, a collection of luxury accommodations provided with restaurants and located in North Sardinia, the area known as Gallura, one of the most genuine of the island.

Picture 4 - Delphina restaurant

The Delphina’s team respects the gastronomical tradition offering special menus with all the Sardinian dishes mentioned above, besides to Gluten free dishes to fulfill the needs of each guest. I think that you will fall in love with Sardinia, not only a summer destination, but a dreamy place where to go all the year round.

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