Spice Box : Holy Lama Naturals Spice Drops

Spice Box : Holy Lama Naturals Spice Drops

We were very lucky to be sent a range of Holy Lama Naturals Spice Drops to try. As a self confessed kitchen alchemist these fabulous drops contain concentrated extracts of natural spices.The company maintains that they

offer a simpler, more consistent way to infuse food and drink with pure, vibrant flavours.

AppaA purely natural product means there are no additives or preservatives. Contained in tincture bottles, a couple of drops go a long way. That’s all you need to produce a balanced flavour packed meals. We added the garlic and chilli drops to Chilli Con Carne and the lovage drops to our delicious vinaigrette, instantly the flavours were lifted and certainly didn’t lack from not de seeding, chopping or slicing. So how did it all begin?

The company began its journey  in 1938 when founder Mr. D V Deo arrived in Kerala to set up agriculture in essential oils.  Whilst at Bhutan he made a 12 day walking pilgrimage to Aja Ney, the holy place of Lama Guru Padmasambhava. The presiding Lama presented him with a “Thangkha of Lama Guru” for good luck in life and the“Holy Lama Naturals”was born. His youngest son,Vijay Deo  involved in the family business from a young age  launched a range of natural body care products in 2000.


During the same year he expanded the already existing range of Spice extracts called ‘Masala Drops’ in India. Deo’s wife Vijaya led the venture when their manufacturing unit was set up as a Government recognised women’s enterprise which supports and empowers the marginalised women in the local community, in Kerala.Today, Gouri Kubair, daughter of Vijay Deo, is now at the helm and the centre of the ethos of Holy Lama Naturals in UK. Gouri previously a chartered accountant left Deloitte in 2013, to bring “Spice Drops” to the UK market.

If you want to try Holy Lama Spice Drops then why not visit their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook . From this week they are also available at Ocado.


  1. elly stornebrink

    Interesting, as at a first quick glance, they looked like essential oils. Nice bottles and I’m curious how they taste, the spices inside that is! 😉 <3

  2. A very cool blog about a very cool product. I think that it’s a shame that they didn’t keep the name Masala Drops though!
    Caro Ness recently posted..Norwegian SkiesMy Profile

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