All The Trimmings – Christmas Countdown Part One

If you’re anything like me you are about to fire up the Magimix and start the preparations for the big day. We’re going to give you some great ideas to hopefully inspire you and get you in the festive spirit.

Pre Christmas Drinks

Flirtini_CocktailIf you are inviting friends and neighbours in for a cup of Christmas cheer then why not try mixing some cocktails. Here’s Caro’s wonderful compendium of classic cocktails, conjured up last year in our Festive Spirit-Cheers,Part One If cocktails aren’t your thing and you’re looking for something a little more traditional then here is our very own Mulled Wine Recipe together with our utter delicious recipe for Mulled Cider. Now, what to serve with them. We are huge fans of Cheese here at LOCF and we love this time of year because we get to bake and serve one our favourite cheeses Vacherin Mont D’or. Making an instant cheese fondue is a fabulous way of getting everyone chatting and involved. If strong French cheese is not your thing then here is our mouth-watering recipe for Somerset Cheddar and Cider Fondue. If you were thinking more of canapes then here is our luscious Gorgonzola and Lychee Dip and our tried and tested favourite Blinis. You can never go wrong with Tapenade or Bruschetta  at a drinks party, they are quick and easy options and seriously packed with flavour.

Sauces and Glazes

CranberryOne of the things I love about Preparing for Christmas is making all the various glazes, sauces and trimmings. Traditionally we always cook the ham or gammon on Christmas eve. We’ll be cooking a ham and I usually start my boiling it then glazing it and roasting it in the oven. Here is my favourite Glaze for Ham. If you fancy having a go at home-smoking your ham or gammon here’s how. Now for sauces, on Christmas day no turkey is complete without cranberry sauce, Here’s a dollop of our Luxury Cranberry Sauce oh and whatever you do don’t forget the Bread Sauce


chilli jamIf you are still stuck for ideas for last-minute gifts then the gift of something homemade is always very welcome. We’ve made lovely jars of our Chili Jam this year to give to visitors and family. If you still have some time then try making our Preserved Lemons, beautiful chopped up in salads or in a wonderfully aromatic Tagine Or maybe some infused oil? why not try our Pizza Oil . 

Tomorrow we’re dreaming of a green Christmas and conjuring up wonderful ideas for a delicious vegetarian or vegan festive feast for Meat Free Monday



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