Going Raw – The Holistic Journey

I am delighted to welcome Cher Fauvèl to the blog this Meat Free Monday to share her journey with Raw Food with us. I am becoming more and more interested in this area and Cher’s website Raw Energy Benefits offers a plethora or information and advice if you are interested in introducing more raw food into your diet. 

When people ask me questions about going raw, I get in a bit of a tangle – it can be difficult to express when people are not open-minded and look at me as though I am mad. I get so excited and so want people to understand how wonderful it is, and how it is a complete journey of the mind, body and soul – holistic – I just want everyone to know how good it can be for their whole existence. Both going raw and explaining to people why, can be very challenging!

BILD0589-e1336300199112I was in a social situation on Valentine’s night – also my other half’s birthday, yep – he is a valentine baby. There was a lovely lady there who wanted to know what I was all about – it can get very awkward. When I try to express that going raw is not just about food, it is about feelings of completeness – happiness and growth – people tend to go a little glazed and I can almost hear them thinking  “wow that is way overboard”! OK, I get that it may seem strange to someone who hasn’t experienced this, and I understand that they think I am barking mad, but – I am definitely not missing out on anything – the benefits are huge.

So, here’s my spin on what really starts to happen when you include more raw food…

The beginning is pretty simple,  your body starts to naturally cleanse itself and heal, it may be for the first time – starting to work how it should. Your every cell starts to sing – are you thinking I am mad yet? Now, I am talking the beginning here – not 100 % but just including more of the good stuff and dropping some of the bad. You start to think differently – yeah really – your mind becomes clear and alert – you feel peace on all levels, things start to become easier and if problems arise they are easier to deal with. You can get very pleased with yourself for how you are on top of everything. As your body begins to rejuvenate and renew, the magic is happening, you start to look brighter, skin seems more toned & clear, bright eyes, your hair is glossy, nails stronger , more energy and a smile in your heart!

Going Raw – Transformation is happening and you feel it! People who do cleanses experience these feelings, but they are not holistic and long-term results unless we stay with raw foods. Raw foods are gorgeous but they go way beyond tantalising your taste buds, you simply glow and tingle with life and those singing cells. The awareness of your body is amazing, you start to take more notice of how you are feeling and understand your body’s needs.images-81

You will start to notice how your body almost sinks when you eat cooked food – this can be a little scary; you may feel bloated and tired opposed to feeling energised after eating raw, raw food does what it is supposed to do – feed nutrition to your body and leave – cooked food hangs around longer and makes your system work hard. Going raw brings on a feeling of ‘knowing’ – you know what feels right and your body craves more – you are becoming holistic – a whole being – the way it should be!

Confidence, happiness, complete joy and health becomes the new you.Going raw is a long journey but well worth the effort – it is an ongoing process of growth and wealth of health. Going raw can really do this? YES- and much more! There is a growing sense of being connected to all things, seeing beauty everywhere and acceptance of all things – spiritual enlightenment. Many people fear the change and think they will have to change too much, and I also felt a little like this to begin with – I felt excitement and an inner knowing that this is what I had looked for – but wow – I really had some changes to make.

This fear soon dissolved when I started seeing, feeling and knowing what was happening to me on every level of my being. I was respecting my body and cleansing and rebuilding it with fresh, natural living foods, the nutrition that it craves and thrives on. The body is incredible and we owe it to ourselves to respect it and get the most from our life, good health and the potential to live our dreams. If we love our body, it will love us back mind, body and soul, Yes, going raw is a holistic journey, meet the real you – the healthy happy and fulfilled you – the whole you!

Have you started including more raw food yet? If not try the easy way with Raw Juices and Smoothies 





  1. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂
    Cher recently posted..New Coconut Smoothie RecipeMy Profile

  2. Hey Beautiful! #TGIF! Love the raw foods-I feel so good when I eat clean and raw.
    Quick note to wish you an awesome and amazing weekend! Have any adventurous plans?
    Ciao ciao for now!
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