Setting Out The Stall

Welcome to Lover of Creating Flavours, a new magazine style blog devoted to flavours. We are not going to restrict ourselves to one niche area, LCF will be an eclectic mix of all things food and drink delivering industry expertise, news, events, reviews, recipes, history, nutrition and health. Running alongside the main hub will be a microblog featuring specific flavours this month starting with my quest to find the perfect Bloody Mary.

What’s on offer?

Lover of creating flavours will give industry specialists a voice to a world wide audience and every Friday there will be a guest post from experts in their area or passionate bloggers and food writers.Each quarter  guest posts showcased will be collated into a e-pub and sent to our followers and subscribers for reference.

LCF aims to bring you both original recipes and our twist on existing classics in easy to follow steps ensuring you are delivered a range of mouth watering flavours. Recipes will be published each Tuesday and will also be available free to download in PDF form to subscribers to the blog.

The review section will not just centre on restaurants & pubs. In keeping with our mission statement, we aim to deliver reviews across the whole spectrum of the industry including the latest books, products and equipment. The history blog will feature a specific flavour or ingredient each week  and will focus on its origins, how it has been developed over time and It’s core use today, showcasing a timeless classic recipe each week.

Lover of Flavours

In keeping with the LCF ethical stance, Monday’s will be meat-free and will focus on current trends and on subjects including  grow-your-own, nutritional benefits of  being meat-free and up to date information on flavours and ingredients and sumptuous vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Above all LCF aims to deliver an ethical, responsible and passionate platform  for foodies, industry specialists and individual experts to exchange views, recipes,news and events in a friendly, no frills place and we welcome each of you and look forward to getting to know you better. Please feel free to look around the site, we welcome your input and comment. We want to here from everyone so if you have a recipe or want to send in a post on spec then please send us a message on the contact page.

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